Finally a good circus book?? | July Reading Roundup

So as it turns out Difficult Women by Roxane Gay was not about difficult women at all. Funny that. It was, however, about women in general, usually having a bit of a rough time. I definitely felt connected to a lot of the stories, and almost immediately I could just feel how brilliant Gay’s writing was. Subtle but emotive, simple but powerful. Her writing style was probably the best part of the book for me, given that I’m not the biggest fan of short story collections.  But I do see myself picking up more of Gay’s books, as this one kept me interested.

What didn’t keep me interested was everything else I’ve read this month. Partly my fault of course, I insisted on picking up some Tolkien again, severely overestimating myself (I read Children of Húrin, or at least I tried to). Tolkien really is such a damn chore to read. Why must everyone have three names each?? Why cant Christopher Tolkien update some of the language?! I don’t want to read about Morgoth molesting Húrin’s kin, becoming very confused, only to Google it and find the term “molest” can also mean “to bother” or “attack”. I don’t want to have to Google throughout my reading experience, I don’t want to have to keep rereading sentences because everything is so damn difficult to follow because of the damn old-school language. But it’s not just the language, is it? Jane Eyre was published 100 years before Tolkien, why is it so much easier to understand? Tolkien was just…not that great at novelling. As much as I love the world of Middle Earth, I don’t know if I’ll ever try another Tolkien because the writing style is justso

So, not the most thrilling of reading months…

However, I’ve been slowly making my way through Jane Eyre and Daughter of the Burning City, which are both very good so far. I’m hoping the latter will end up being the first circus-themed book I’ll ever like – I’ve honestly tried them all, The Night Circus, Caraval, you name it. I’m a big circus fan, so I take my Holy Grail quest seriously. There’s got to be a circus book out there for me, maybe this one is it!



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