Review Series


For this project, I seek out popular books (typically of the YA paranormal romance variety) that often come with a squealing teenage fan base who believe the book to be “OMG da best fing EVA!!!1!!”, but that readers of similar literary tastes to mine have warned me against.  I want to find out for myself if these books deserve the praise they are being given, or if potential buyers need to be warded swiftly away.  I have been fooled into picking up some absolute atrocities in my time, and I want to do my bit to help other readers save some money and sanity.

If you are offended by profanity and/or negative opinions, this series is not for you. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this series. I also hope I can warn you of the terrors contained in the books below, and hopefully steer you towards the good ones.

I am open to suggestions for books to read for this series.

  • descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription Finale – Becca Fitzpatrick
  • descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription Runes – Ednah Walters

Non-reviewed crap books in this series
A Shade of Vampire | Circle Nine | Halo | Forbidden | Evermore


In this series I share my passion and (ever so slight) obsession with fairy tales and other children’s stories. Yes, I have to make that distinction as one of my favourite “fairy tales” is Peter Pan, but it’s not technically a fairy tale according to these rules we humans love to live by. I may also branch out into the realms of myth and fables in this series – and I apologize in advance for my blatant and utterly inconsiderate disregard for the rules.

But if you don’t care about the technicalities, you can enjoy book reviews and general musings on the history of fairy tales, the psychology of the characters, and pretty much anything else I want to talk about.  My aim is to turn the rest of you into addicts fairy tale appreciators.

20.09.13 – Review of Grimm’s Fairy Tales
06.01.14 – Most Memorable and/or Fucked-Up Fairy Tales: The Reed Girl
17.01.14 Review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer
06.02.14How to Survive Japan: Conclusions Drawn from Japanese Folklore
07.02.14The Complexities of Peter Pan
06.04.14Most Memorable and/or Fucked-Up Fairy Tales: The Tale of the Silver Saucer and the Transparent Apple
26.04.14What Fairy Tales Teach us about Sex


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