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How A Novel Is Edited: A 34 Step Program

Step 1: Sit down at desk. You spent Β£150 on this desk and assembled it yourself. You bloody well should use it productively.

Step 2: A clean work space is a productive work space. Tidy away clutter and select a scented candle for today’s activities. Meticulously select your writing playlist on iTunes while you’re at it.

Step 3: You’ve forgotten your cup of tea. Make one. Debate for 2 mins whether or not to bring biscuits back with you too.

Step 4: Document your hilarious lack of progress so far on Twitter. #amwriting / #amediting

Step 5: Open up your manuscript. Feel guilty about how long it’s been since you’ve looked at it. It may be a .doc file but you feel compelled to literally blow the dust and cobwebs off it.

Step 6: Tell Twitter this. #amwriting / #amediting Continue reading

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