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A lot of British Whovians from my generation probably have very similar stories when it comes to joining the Doctor Who fandom. Back in 2005, my dad sat me and my brother down and attempted to explain just how our lives were forever to be changed:

Dad: “Now we’re going to watch something as a family tonight, something very important to me. When I was young – “

Me: ” – they had only just discovered fire – “

Dad: ” – there was a show on TV called Doctor Who, and I used to watch it every day. It was everyone’s favourite TV show; it was scary and funny and action-packed and now they’ve remade it! It’s coming on tonight and we’re all going to watch it.”

Bro: “Well, what’s it about?”

Dad: “Well it’s about a man called the Doctor – “

Me: “Doctor Who?”

Dad: “Exactly. He can travel through time and space in a police box called the TARDIS and he saves the world. When he dies he can regenerate into a different body so many actors can play him. My favourite was Tom Baker who wore a massive multi-coloured scarf. My mum knitted me one just like it. I wore it for years.”

Bro: “Cool!”

Me: “Sounds interesting. Any good actors in it?”

Dad: “There’s that Billie Piper girl you used to like.”

Me: “On that basis, I am in.”

And so it was that a new generation became obsessed with Doctor Who. As a die-hard Whovian I have spent countless hours re-watching episodes, theorizing about important plot-points, who the hell River Song was. Doctor Who will never cease to preoccupy me. And after many years of intense love, I decided that in order to get my full fix I really need to go back and watch the Classic episodes.

The main point of #Who Reviews will be to review Classic Who by season in an attempt to weed out the good from the bad. Hopefully I can help budding young Whovians pick the best episodes to watch, and ward them off the time-wasters (of which I know there are many!).

I may also decide to start reviewing more Doctor Who related stuff in the future, and I’ll probably chuck some bonus Whovian content around for a bit of fun! I just really think that Doctor Who deserves a big place on my blog, as it is a massive part of me.



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