Review: Cracked by Eliza Crewe

What a refreshing YA paranormal novel! Such a switch-up from the usual formula, and very nearly worthy of four stars. It just missed the mark for me, but I am still very impressed.What you are inevitably smacked in the face with as soon as you start reading is one of the best heroines in YA literature I’ve seen in a long time. Meet Andromeda Melange, or Meda to use her slightly more bearable nickname. Meda is a half-human, half-demon soulsucker and she is one sassy motherfucker.

No word of a lie, I adored Meda immediately. She is a confident and sarky lass, quick-witted and giving off the vibe that she just doesn’t give a shit – and she doesn’t a lot of the time. Though powerful and different, she is far from being a Special Snowflake. Her powers don’t make her special, she makes herself special and spends the entire book just throwing sassy comments left right and centre, making me constantly want to high-five my Kindle.

“Bahahahahaha. He thinks I’m a Beacon. I look down to hide my twinkling eyes. Bad day or not, that’s hilarious.

“It’s OK. You don’t have to be scared, I’ll protect you.”

Big brawny man, protect this damsel! I try to look angelic and helpless – Beacon-ish. The haircut and the blood can’t be helping. Fortunately he seems particularly thick.”

For a long time I thought the entire book was just going to be The Meda Show, with little to no plot and just countless one-liners from our headstrong heroine. I don’t think I would have minded to be honest.

But the book actually has a really decent plot; though slow to get going and a bit forcibly formulaic, it’s bloody good actually. I would describe it as an episode of Supernatural, one of those ones that’s set apart from the main plot, but a good little side-story packed with action and demons, and Meda’s witty commentary just makes it all the more enjoyable. It’s in no way super-amazeballs, but it’s fun and relatively light-hearted even considering the dark subject matter.

The secondary characters are equally as enjoyable as Meda. They may be your typical archetypes but they are well-written. Chi and Jo are the token sidekicks, the puffed up and self-righteous hero who is actually a complete idiot, and the good old bitch who really has a heart of gold deep down. They’re a great addition to the cast and really do come to life as the story goes on.

And you know what I love? It’s not a romance. A love story would definitely feel out of place in this story and I love that the author didn’t put one in just for the sake of it. It’s a fun change and makes the book more enjoyable because of it.

Though I didn’t rate it too highly just because I sensed a few lulls in places and my brain kind of left the story on several occasions, I still recommend Cracked if you’re looking for a fun and different YA read.


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